Detailed description of a personal assistant job

A personal assistant nyc works very closely with the senior management or directorial staff of a company or organization to provide efficient administrative support, typically on a one-to-one basis. They aid a manager in ways that will allow them to make the best use of their limited time by handling secretarial and clerical tasks. 

A PA needs to have extensive knowledge regarding the firm in which they work in. They must not only familiarize themselves with the external and internal personnel they will most likely interact with, but also understand the organizations objectives and goals. 

Managers tend to rely heavily on their personal assistants. As a result, they must be able to believe that whomever they give this job to will be able to handle things efficiently in their absence. Also, any good PA worth their salt should be able to fully comprehend the aspects of confidentiality and discretion when it comes to carrying out their duties. 

In certain situations, a personal assistant may be referred to as an executive or private secretary.


A personal assistant has various roles, but in most cases, their main task will be to act as the first point of contact with individuals and other parties from both inside and outside the organization. Other roles may also include: 

• Coming up with and maintaining office systems, some of which may include filing and data management

• Arranging travel papers and accommodation, or in some cases accompanying the manager on business trips to take notes at meetings

• Taking in requests, enquiries, or screening phone calls when needed

• Greeting and meeting visitors of various seniority levels

• Arranging, maintaining, and altering diary appointments

• Dealing with emails, faxes, and incoming calls on behalf of the manager

• Carrying out background or any other kind of research needed by the manager

• Producing briefing papers, documents, presentations, and reports

• Organizing and attending meetings to ensure that the manager is fully prepared and informed

• Liaising with suppliers, clients, and other staff

Apart from providing crucial support to managers, their teams, and departments, most personal assistants also have their own responsibilities and workload. However, the scope of their JD can at times be extensive and may involve additional or special duties. For instance, there are certain PA’s who perform all the secretarial work on their own, while there are those who take on the task of recruiting and training junior staff whilst delegating some of the less commanding and non-confidential work.